Product Outline

Product Type Web Site Link
Photoelectric Banner website
Machine Safety Banner website
Machine Vision Sensors Banner website
Machine Vision Lighting Banner website
LED Indicator Lights Banner website
  - 910 MHZ and 2.1GHZ Banner Engineering website
  - Wireless Hart ABB website
Proximity Sensors Turck website
Intrinsic Safety Turck website
Networks/Fieldbus Turck website
Relays Turck website
RFID Turck website
LDT's Turck website
 - Cabling/Cordsets Turck website
 - Process Connectivity Turck website
 - Terminals/Ducting ABB website
Contactors ABB website
Motor Starters ABB website
Circuit Protection ABB website
Ball Valves Marwin Valve website/
Knife Gate Valves Orbinox website/
Control Valves Jordan Valve website/
Sliding Gate Valves Jordan Valve website
Low Flow Valve's Low Flow Valve website
Pressure Transmitters ABB website
Flow Measurement  
 - Electro Magnetic ABB website
 - Swirl Meters ABB website
 - Coriolis ABB websitse
 - DP Flow ABB website
 - Variable Area ABB website
 - Vortex and Insertion Vortex for Mass Sierra website
 - Industrial Thermal Mass Sierra website
 - Scientific Thermal Mass Sierra website
 - Strap On Transit Ultrasonic Sierra website
PH/Conductivity ABB website
Analyzers ABB website
Recorders/Controllers ABB website
Panel Meters Red Lion website
Process Controllers Red Lion website
HMI's Red Lion website
Industrial Computers Proface website
Gas Monitors MSA website
Flame Detection MSA website
Level Controls Magnetrol Website
Pressure Gauges REO Temp website
Pressure Switches CCS Dual Snap website
Thermocouples/RTD's Pyromation website
Enclosures Saginaw Control website
Pipeline Valves Dresser website
Pressure Regulation Dresser website

Featured Products

  • New White Paper: Flare Gas Mass Flow Metering
    New White Paper: Flare Gas Mass Flow Metering               Make smart, fully informed decisions. Background Research on Hydraulic Fracturing Federal Compliance Requirements 6 Flow Measurement Challenges Current Meter Choices (pros and cons) Innovative and Economical New Solutions Get your copy of the Sierra Instruments white paper here: DOWNLOAD Contact Process Technology, Inc.…
  • Rhosonics: Analyzing Liquids, Slurries, & Materials
    Rhosonics: Analyzing Liquids, Slurries, & Materials On-line, real time data on any liquid handling process is essential for theeconomics of your plant. With this in mind Rhosonics Analytical has dedicatedits ingenuity to develop and produce a full range of in-line analyzer systems.Since the very start in 1991, the company has emerged into a fully featuredsolution providing…
  • AMDS REX Dissolved Metals Analysis Instrument
    AMDS REX Dissolved Metals Analysis Instrument REX, as an analytical instrument, offers a repeatable, accurate analysis of dissolved toxic metals to low ppb levels. REX offers an automated sampling of process streams that can trigger alarms or process changes. Fluid flow is regulated to 40ml/min where dissolved metal ions are captured onto meso-porous nano-cellular carbon aerogel…
  • NEW! Banner LE550 Laser Measurement Sensor
    NEW! Banner LE550 Laser Measurement Sensor Ready to Measure 100 to 1000 mm right out of the box! The LE550 offers a 1 m measurement solution with sub 1 mm resolution, and the linear array technology provides great performance regardless of color, even for difficult materials like metal and black rubber. The 2 line, 8 character…
  • TrimTeck Optimux Control Valves for Power Generation
    TrimTeck Optimux Control Valves for Power Generation More than perhaps any other, the power industry has seen challenges and higher expectations in terms of cleaner processes, higher efficiency and on-demand power for an ever-increasing population. The robust and dependable trim design of the Optimux control valves provides longer life cycles, less maintenance requirements, and special trim applications…

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